Saturday, April 08, 2006

Single Board Robot Brains

Portland, Ore. -- Analog Devices Inc. announced this week at the Embedded Systems Conference that it has teamed with robotics expert Fred Martin at the University of Massachusetts Lowell to create a single-board solution for autonomous robots.
The Blackfin Handy Board, containing all the electronics needed for sensing, processing and actuating robots, will be an updated version of the popular hand-held controller board for educational robotics applications that is used by hundreds of universities in undergraduate engineering courses.

The original Handy Board was created by Professor Fred Martin, PhD, of UMass Lowell while he was a student at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This new version is a state-of-the-art robots controller board based on the high-performance Blackfin Processor from ADI.

Blackfin Handy Board Wiki at UMass Lowell


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