Thursday, January 19, 2006

Robot Protestors

Another groundbreaking robot via We Make Money Not Art:
Autonomous non-violent agents
Exellent use of technology!

However, these may be another group for police robot baton-skills practice.

Inspired by a news article describing the US military's plans to develop a robot army, La Fabricadecosasbonitas (The Factory of Pretty Things), decided to create their own army of non-violent protestors.
Their protestor robots will be quick and strong enough to resist the attacks of police while the remote humans stay completely out of harm's way.
They also do not need to eat, sleep or be motivated to work hard.

The robots will be life-sized. The upper body will have camera and microphone and be able to carry a protest sign. They can also be dressed in clothes sporting their message of peace.
The lower body will have wheels and sensors to guide the civil-disobedience-bot around obstacles.
All made from recycled materials.

The ANA (Autonomous Non-violent Agent) Project has recently won funding from Vida 8.0 to build 20 protestors for the 2007 G8 Summit in Germany.

Another great use of this would be to find sponsors who really care but do not have the time to travel to the protest location. They can sit at home in, say Hollywood, while their avatar brings their message to the streets.

we make money not art: Autonomous non-violent agents


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