Friday, January 06, 2006

Wowwee Shows Off New Robots at CES

Wowwee, the maker of RoboSapien,RoboV2, robopet and roboraptor, has revealed their latest creations at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

There is RS Media: A Robosapien with media entertainment built in. It includes, "a full color LCD screen, speakers and subwoofer, a USB connector and MP3 and MP4 Players; RS Media can display and store data easily from your PC."
What no cell phone?

Next is P.E.A. Bot, Personal Evolved Android.(Photo from pocket-lint) This two-wheeled robot is the first to use Segway's balancing technology. They say it can carry a beer without spilling a drop. Also..."With a repertoire of quirky animations the P.E.A. Bot is one surprising robot. P.E.A. Bot also has advanced artificial intelligence and IR Vision allowing for multiple levels of environmental user interaction and mood dependent behavior."

And another animal robot, Roboreptile.
"Roboreptileā„¢ is an advanced fusion of technology and individuality- the ultimate herpetological species. With his low menacing stride and striking animations this futuristic reptilian has both direct control and free roam functions. Advanced sensor technology allows his awareness to reach new levels. Realistic biomorphic motions and advance natural dynamics enable Roboreptile to move in two emotionally aggressive gaits and two different speeds-walking on four legs and running on two legs. Watch as Roboreptile jumps, whips his long tail and springs into action. Roboreptile's acute vision and sound sensors allow him to avoid obstacles, and when in guard mode make Roboreptile a formidable sentry."
" While his cowl is on, Roboreptile will become docile and friendly; remove the cowl and you better stay on your toes!"
And whatever you NOT feed the reptile after midnight!


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