Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Vehicle Runs Autonomous or Manned

Elbit Systems Unveils Revolutionary UGV Avantguard

At the upcoming AUSA exhibition, Elbit Systems will unveil "AvantGuard", a futuristic Autonomous Ground Vehicle and the first and only such vehicle to offer the options of unmanned or manned operation.

Incorporating unique, proprietary advanced robotics and sensor technologies, AvantGuard's smart capabilities allow it to virtually think, avoid obstacles, and communicate. Its structural features enable performance in the toughest, most complex terrains.

Based on the mission profile, AvantGuard can carry various payloads - including electro-optical, communication relay, jamming and weapon stations. At the AUSA exhibition, AvantGuard will be equipped with Elbit Systems' 7.62 remote-controlled weapons station which is also making its exhibition debut.

The ORCWS 7.62 mm, Overhead Remote Controlled Weapon Station is fully stabilized and designed for optimal integration into various platforms with no deck penetration. The system has a very low silhouette and weighs less than 95 kg.



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