Friday, September 30, 2005

Start'em Young

Robosapien Junior from Hasbro. For pre-schoolers.

Get the little ones used to interacting with robots. When they get older they will probably need to know how to deal with them in every McD's and Walmart in the world.

From Hasbro Web page:
A fusion of technology and personality

Introducing a robot that preschoolers can call their own. RoboSapien Junior knows all the right moves. He's a slick looking robot with a silly attitude--a buddy who spins, bumps off walls, and wages goofy battles with others of his kind. What more could a little kid want?

A charming offshoot of the popular RoboSapien, Junior is an expert at humanoid humor. He features what you'd call "Bump-n-Giggle" technology.
He may like to say "ouch! " and "ooch!", but don't be fooled. This is one tough robot, built to withstand the daily knocks and drops that are inevitable when your master is a preschooler.

Robosapien Junior


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