Friday, September 30, 2005

Robot Village NYC

Robot Village Opens in New York

Robot Village, on online or in-person robot experience.
David Greenbaum, the store's founder, recently told News8 Austin:
"It's all new. No one really knows about robots, how they're going to come into our lifestyles, what's going on right now, so it's like an information place or center where people can learn about robots, be educated, and some may buy products that fit their lifestyles," Greenbaum said. "We have a range of different products. Some people think this is just a toy store, but it's not a toy store. We hit geeks, we hit kids, we sell a lot of products that are collectibles and wind-up type of robots, and we have different books and magazines for information."

The New York location will also hold classes in robot technology for kids and adults.

I have not been there yet. But I will update you as soon as I have.

Robot Village:


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