Saturday, July 30, 2005

Robots That Mediate Human-Human Interaction

Robots as avatars can be used to mediate relationships.
This project would be interesting to set up in locations in different parts of the world. The robots would allow users to create new relationships with people or other avatars in far away places.
Relationship robots.

R/V is an installation by Ryota Kuwakubo, which uses mobile robots equipped with LCD monitors, CCD cameras, microphones, and caterpillar wheels to transform participants' visual and auditory perception in a unique way.

This environment can transform our visual and auditory perception in a unique way, allowing participants to change the way they communicate with each other. Participants can not only use face-to-face communication but also "you-your robot-me" communication and "you-your robot-my robot-me" communication.

The robots, which move around on a "playground", can be controlled by participants using four console boxes. Images and sound captured by robots are sent back to corresponding control boxes. At the same time, the console boxes capture images and sound from participants and send them to robots. Participants can walk into the "playground" and directly interact with other robots as well.

we make money not art: R/V: Robots That Mediate Human-Human Interaction


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