Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Robot Bag Checker

Robot bag checks (Jennifer Foreshew, JULY 26, 2005)

THE artificial intelligence system used to monitor the Sydney Harbour Bridge will be adapted to create a robot capable of inspecting and removing suspicious luggage from public places.

Monash University and Sydney software provider iOmniscient will partner on the three-year project, which recently received a $171,000 grant from the Australian Research Council's Linkage Project.

The technology rescans video images until it finds when a suspicious item was first placed somewhere, and by whom.

The system then guides a luggage robot to the offending bag for probing.

Monash University Intelligent Robotics Research Centre director Ray Jarvis said a prototype robot was expected to be ready within 18 months.

The radio-teleoperated robot, which would include X-ray capabilities, sensors, cameras and laser range finders, would be for use in open spaces, especially airports, train stations and bus depots.

IOmniscient would contribute cash and in-kind support to the project, he said.

The company is working with the University of Technology, Sydney, to embed its technology in a chip.

It is also teaming with Curtin University of Technology to develop technology for recognising suspicious behaviour.

Australian IT - Robot bag checks (Jennifer Foreshew, JULY 26, 2005)


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