Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Jumping Robot

Robot Jumps, Tumbles, Rolls
By Tracy Staedter, Discovery News

The Leg-in-Rotor V, built by associate professor Hideyuki Tsukagoshi and his team at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, has wheels that allow it to roll over flat surfaces and a pneumatic cylinder leg that pops it up more than three feet over debris.

The Leg-in-Rotor consists of two wheels, two passive legs for stabilization and a pneumatic kicking cylinder. Two light sensors turn on when the device nears an obstacle and work together to estimate when and how high it should jump.

Leg-in Rotor V

If the object is less than about three feet tall, the pneumatic cylinder thrusts the ground directly beneath the vehicle, sending it up over the impediment. If the robot lands on its side, the cylinder kicks out to help right it.

Discovery Channel :: News :: Robot Jumps, Tumbles, Rolls


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