Thursday, May 05, 2005

New Haven Recuits Life-saving Robot

NEW HAVEN — The Police Department unveiled its new hazardous duty robot outside police headquarters Tuesday, showing off the city’s latest tool in its emergency services division.

"It’s going to save a life," said Sgt. Craig Guglielmo, a bomb technician with the department’s hazardous device unit. "It’s going to save my life. It’s going to save another bomb tech’s life. It’s going to save a civilian’s life."

The Andros F6A robot, one of four in the state, was purchased through a homeland security grant. Members of the bomb squad traveled to Tennessee last month to pick up the $150,000 device and has been training with it since.

New Haven Robot

According to emergency services officials, the new robot, which is equipped with three cameras and a maneuverable arm, can be used in a variety of scenarios. Hazardous devices can be examined, moved and even X-rayed while the technician is a safe distance away. With its arm and pincer, it can be used in a hostage situation to deliver a secure phone to establish communications without exposing an officer to danger, said Officer Ray Crowley.

It’s equipped with audio and video capability and, according to the manufacturer, can be operated over rough terrain, cross obstacles and ditches, climb stairs and operate in sand, gravel, mud and grass.

New Haven Register - News - 05/04/2005 - City’s hazardous duty robot struts its stuff


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