Monday, April 25, 2005

ORPP - The Open Robotics Peripheral Platform

Project Objective

The Open Robotics Peripheral Platform's goal is to provide a versatile platform for many different robotic applications. Until now the basic platforms for robots have been either toys with little practical application or expensive, overly customized components. The goal of this project is to provide modular components that are easily outfitted with various hardware and software features in the same manner as the modern-day personal computer. Any novice computer technician could control, outfit, and maintain a O.R.P.P.

All the software is open-source, covered under the GPL. This means customizing a robot to your exact needs need not be done by any one particular consultant or technician. Diagrams and schematics for components are provided so that you can create and design features that may not currently be available.

This is just a start.
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ORPP - The Open Robotics
Peripheral Platform


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