Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Industrial Robot Sales Fall In 2006

The Robotics Industry Association reports that sales of industrial robot units declined by 30% in 2006. The revenue from robot sales fell 22%

The decline was due to the falloff in robot sales to automotive manufacturers. 2005 was a particularly good year for sales to the auto industry so demand was expected to slump.

The deliveries to non-automotive factories continues to increase year after year. Donald A. Vincent, Executive Vice President of RIA states, "We saw very strong growth in industries such as beverages and tobacco, apparel, wood products, paper manufacturing, printing, machinery manufacturing, and furniture. We also saw growth in food and consumer goods, life sciences/pharmaceuticals/biomedical, and plastics and rubber."

Totals for 2006 were:
North America Sales: 12,765 robots, $904.2 million
Total Sales: 13,791 robots, $958.4 million

2005 numbers

Non-Automotive Orders for Robots Rise in 2006, But Overall Sales Fall 30% in North America - Robotics Online

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Anonymous Cristobal said...

Looks like green is fast becoming the new black and as car companies change to meet the rising demand for greener cars, they'll need to retool one would think. So who knows, now might be the time to start buying the stocks of companies that make auto assembly line robots. What are some of those companies? Are the stocks depressed?

7:32 PM, February 28, 2007  

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