Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Anybots Walking Robot Dexter

Dexter, a walking robot that is dynamically balanced like a person. He won't fall over when pushed.
Monty is on segway wheels and has a working hand.

They are being designed to work around the home.

From anybots:

Dexter balances dynamically, walks and will be able to run. Monty has one fully articulated hand driven by 18 motors and one gripper. Dexter's legs and Monty's arms are driven by compressed air. Driven remotely by a human operator, they can perform a wide range of industrial and household tasks.

The video says, "Walking improves with practice." I'll bet it does. so do their evil designs on world domination. Looks the most like a Cylon of any robots I have seen lately.
see the video here:

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