Friday, January 26, 2007

Robot Matchmaker

Echo robots are being developed to help sophisticated urbanites hook up.

The small robots can wiggle and probably talk a little. They are small enough to carry around with you. At home you connect it to your pc and program your interest profile into it. Then you carry it around with you as a sort of fetish of your personality. As you walk around, the flirtatious robot broadcasts your profile to other Echos riding along on the shoulders of other totally cool people. When your Echo finds another with its same interests it nudges you, dances or waves its cute little arms - your choice. I would want maybe just an elbow nudge and "hey, psst, check it out," on the sly. I wouldn't want my Echo to appear too desperate.

Dude, totally web2o.

See a short video of a prototype.
Echo Robotics Blog


Blogger Dooce Fan! said...

Lol, I totally got the point of these gadgets teddy bears totally wrong on my website. I thought they were for dating. I guess not, but if our bears did a tango maybe we could go for a smoothy, ha ha.

4:28 AM, January 30, 2007  

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