Monday, January 08, 2007

Diesel Sweeties

It is a sign of the growing influence of robots that we are seeing all kinds of news and announcements about robots coming out of this year's Consumer Electronics Show.
"Of course," you say.
"So what?" you ask.

It has only been a very few years that robots ever made it farther than industrial trade shows with machines for factories. Now they are 'consumer' products.

Robots are making inroads into our lives and soon will be changing us in ways we do not yet foresee.

Another sign of the acceptance of robots showed up in newspapers across the country today.
The comic Diesel Sweeties is about a robot, Clango Cyclotron, with a human girlfriend. It has been appearing online since 2000 and is now syndicated in newspapers across the country.
In the Houston Chronicle, Diesel Sweeties replaces Momma. Granted Momma was never very funny, but it was about family. It was about a typical dysfunctional family, you know, the chronically unemployed grown son who neglects his aging mother until he needs money. The spiteful mother who drives her children away with sarcastic comments and passive-aggressive emotional traps. But it was about family!
This new comic promotes the robot agenda by ignoring the traditional family in favor of robot-human relationships.

"Rather than try to write big, crazy stories," says the comic's author, Richard Stevens, he sees his strip as "almost like a diary. What's going on in the back of your head as you go about your day."
Robot relationships supplanting the traditional family? Get ready for the future.

But seriously - Diesel Sweeties is funny.

diesel sweeties: pixelated robot romance web comic & t-shirt party

She's human. He's just a love machine — literally.


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