Friday, June 16, 2006

Robot Plumber Challenge

The Spaceward Foundation and NASA Centennial Challenge are sponsoring a US $250,000 contest for robot construction skills.

The task will be to have your robots construct a pipeline from one storage tank to another then let the fluid flow without a leak.

The robots can be cntrolled remotely except that there wll be a 20 minute delay in communications between the human boss and the robot workers. The humans will not be allowed to see the construction site except through the sensors of the robots.
These constraints on controls simulate interaction with robots on the moon. It is expected that the robots will be mostly autonomous in their construction tasks.

The exact rules of the challenge are open for public comment for the next 30 days at the Spaceward Foundation site.

So you think you have a team of worker robots that can plumb one simple pipe from here to there? Get to work... the contests will start in August 2007.

The Spaceward Foundation



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