Saturday, June 10, 2006

Korea Shows Off Robot Soldiers

The Agency for Defense Development (ADD), part of the Defense Ministry, demonstrated the new Experimental Autonomous Vehicle (XAV) for the public.

The XAV is a rolling soldier that will be able to carry out survellience or combat missions.
Those shown were a 1.2 ton battery operated and .9 ton gasoline engine version. Both are armed with machine guns.

Thye robot warriors can be operated by remote control or commanded to run autonomously. They always know their location with GPS sensors. The gas powered fighter can chase you at up to 45 kilometers per hour.

These are part of an ongoing $30-plus million program to develop an automated army by 2012.
Another soldier robot under development, the gyeonma, will have eight legs to help get it through rough terrain.

They also hope to use robots for civilian protection and control.

The Korea Herald : The Nation's No.1 English Newspaper



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