Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Robot Warehouse Maker, Kiva Systems, Gets Money for Expansion

Instead of runners in a warehouse collecting parts from shelves, Kiva Systems is developing the idea of the warehouse shelves delivering the parts to the workers.

According to Kiva Systems founder Mick Mountz, “The system moves inventory around a warehouse like computers move data around in memory. This frees up logistics professionals to focus on the business of filling orders and not managing locations and searching for products.”

Like a giant vending machine or living hive, the robot warehouse brings the right product to the right station at the right time.

According to Forbes, Kiva Systems has run large scale pilot runs with Staples and shown 200% improvement in warehouse efficiency. Staples is continuing to convert warehouses into Kiva Systems apiaries.

Bain Capital Ventures has recently led a group of investors to invest another $10 million in Kiva Systems to allow them to continue to expand.

Kiva Systems collects $10M in third round - Mass High Tech: The Journal of New England Technology:


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