Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Vstone robots, sponsor of Robocup champs Team Osaka, has introduced their latest robot for hobbyists. The Robovie-i is a small and relatively inexpensive robot for experimenters. The -i in the name stands for 'introduction' to the exciting world of robots.

After you assemble the robot it basically just walks and dances.
It comes with 'RobovieMaker' software to edit the movements. The file is then downloaded to the little robot.

Once you master training your Robovie-i to walk you can step up to other Robovie humanoid robots.

You can also get an optional remote control.

They are taking reservations now for delivery beginning in July.
Cost 29400 Yen (US $262).
The remote control will be available for 31500 Yen (US $280)
Movie here.

ヴイストン株式会社 Vstone Co.,Ltd.

Vstone Engrish page


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