Tuesday, March 07, 2006

WowWee Robot Media Hub

From PCmag.com, lance Ulanoff reports that WowWee is showing off their latest robot home appliance.
The SCOTY, for Smart Companion Operating Technology, will monitor your home, play music, and just be a pal.

The immobile robot is made of lighted panels with only a moving 'head'.
SCOTY is meant to be used in combination with a pc which would run its software and do the heavy thinking - like face recognition, voice to text and turning things on and off.

According to the article, SCOTY was developed jointly with Phillips. In fact it looks very much like the earlier Phillips HDS.
Perhaps WowWee is also working with Phillips on the more expressive iCat?

The SCOTY should be available late this year for around $400.

News from PC Magazine: WowWee Unveils First Robot Media Hub


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