Saturday, March 11, 2006

Robot Beasts

Here is a group of robot videos from Boston Dynamics that have been floating around for awhile. You may have even seen some of them on CNN.

Big Dog
A pack mule robot for soldiers. It is about the size of two men carrying a small coffin but without the upper bodies. It runs off a lawnmower engine. The video is 28 meg but it is worth the download. This robot looks like it has a good attitude even if it may not know if it's coming or going. The way the legs move it looks like it is in a big hurry to get to work. They even show a guy trying to kick it over and it just continues to clomp along.

Little Dog
Your basic headless robot toy dog. This does give you a better look at the mechanics of the legs used in Big Dog.

Six legs, a long tail, walks up walls, about the size of a large rodent. If you had one of these as a pet then you would not have many visitors.
Also see here and here


Ground runner. Ingenious flop-along legs that work on loose or uneven surfaces and climb over small obstacles. It even works in water.

Boston Dynamics: The Leader in Lifelike Human Simulation


Blogger Prospector said...


BigDog has even shown up on The Colbert Report . He had a wag of the finger for this robot for too reasons. First, he says, it's bad enough that it is taking jobs from real pack mules.
But even worse, the video of the mule getting kicked makes him angry. It is a poor "headless metallic Bambi."

Mr. Colbert says,"How dare you make me feel sorry for a soulless machine!"

10:55 AM, March 14, 2006  

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