Thursday, January 26, 2006

Company Offers Robot Temps

(Kyodo) _ [The ironically named] People Staff Co. said Wednesday it will begin offering the use of robots to care for residents of homes for the aged or work as receptionists at offices, beginning in February.

"Humans and robots will likely collaborate in various places in the future as the working population seems to be on the decline amid the falling birthrate," a company spokesperson said.

The nursing robot, named Yorisoi ifbot, quizzes seniors in order to help prevent them from becoming senile.

The receptionist robot, called Hello Kitty Robo, which is equipped with a camera, greets a visitor with a voiced message upon recognizing him or her with a sensor and transmits the image and voice of the visitor to the computer of a user in another room.

The robots were developed by Business Design Laboratory Co. and were displayed at Expo 2005 Aichi.

The monthly usage fee is 45,000 yenm to 53,000 yen. (US $390 - $460)

Firm to offer use of robots to care for aged, work as receptionists


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