Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Light Weight Arm

SCHUNK and amtec robotics present the LWA light-weight arm with PowerCube technology. The weight-optimized structure of the arm is basically achieved by the use of the latest carbon fiber materials, which also ensure high rigidity.

The human-like 7 DOF light-weight arm is extremely versatile for numerous applications, and is suitable for the most varied fields in robotics.

Amtec robotics offers various possible combinations as standard, depending on the requirements of the application: from the servo-electric pan-tilt unit through the 2-finger parallel gripper to the force-moment sensor FTC or servo-electric gripping hand SGH.

The light-weight arm can also be battery-operated. Control is done directly via PC or notebook (PCI or USB interface) – an external robot controller is not required.

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