Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Robots and The-Internet-of-Things

The World Summit on the Information Society which met in Tunis this November has produced a report, "The Internet of Things."

Four key technology areas constitute the backbone of the Internet of Things miniaturization, automation, intelligence and mobility.

The report describes robot technology as one area where the Internet of things will have a large impact." Manual labour will be gradually replaced with automated machines offering greater efficiency and accuracy."

Here are two graphs that show the optimistic growth of the robot market.

At first I thought the graphs looked way to optimistic. Then I realized that they may not be so much. If you notice, the x-axis scale jumps by 15 years, to 2025, in the last division. Time is compressed on the graphs from 2010 to 2025. Never the less, it still looks like a bright future if you are a robot. I recommend getting your programming done for the personal and service skills.
The-Internet-of-Things-2005.pdf (pdf)


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