Friday, December 09, 2005

Bomb Chaser Robot From India

A robot that can sniff out bombs
Express News Service

Displayed for public viewing for the first time, the robot has been developed by a team of 10 engineers over the past three years and promises to drastically cut down troop loss in urban warfare.

The remotely operated vehicle (ROV-II) — its controller unit works from 500 meters — is equipped with four cameras and an extendable arm that can be used to pick up suspicious objects or defuse bombs.

The ROV uses an inbuilt X-ray scanner to detect explosive devices in any suspicious object like a suitcase or a bag. An onboard water jet, which can fire a stream capable of piercing a suitcase cover or half an inch of plywood, is then used to defuse the bomb.

The ROV is also designed for carrying out nuclear, biological and chemical reconnaissance and can even monitor the contamination levels using its sensors and detectors.

Right now, ROV I is undergoing stringent tests at the R&D Establishment in Dighi.

Defence Research and Developmentg Organisation DRDO


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