Thursday, November 24, 2005

Arm Wrestler Robot Creates Strategy

Professor Chul-Goo Kang and his colleagues at Institute for Robotics and Intelligent System (IRIS) of Konkuk University successfully developed an intelligent arm-wrestling robot, named ‘Robo Arm-Wrestler’, for the first time in the world and unveiled it to public at the Future Tech Korea 2005 festival, held in COEX.

Robo Arm-Wrestler automatically adjusts its strength for the challenger while diversifying the muscle-flexing pattern each time. This makes the counterpart feel like he is matching against a real person and keep himself concentrated. The smart robot also considers its competitor’s attitude and reflects his will and tenacity in deciding who wins.

The intelligent Robo Arm-Wrestler greets people when they are approaching by saying “Hello”, “Nice to meet you”, or “Please take a seat for a match”, and so on. ["Chicken!" "You are going down, grandma!"]

Professor Kang said, “Our achievement will allow the elderly to keep up their physical and metal health by utilizing the fun robot.”

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