Thursday, June 30, 2005

Painted Face Mannequin Conversation Robot

The life-size, made-to-order "Chatty" is a mannequin with a face that is an empty screen until turned on to play DVD images from inside the body. If one is in the mood for conversation, sound can come from a separate speaker.

"It is a device that can show a person's face, looks and mouth movements," said the developer, Ishikawa Optics and Arts Corp. of Tokyo. "It forms realistic images as if he or she were really talking to you."

Company president Jun Ishikawa said he wanted to produce historical figures such as ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

Japanese get a chance to chat up Cleopatra with DVD-powered mannequin - Yahoo! News


Anonymous Domo obrigato Mr... said...

The Japanese sure seem to be quickly mastering the art of making robots creepy if nothing else.

10:58 AM, July 02, 2005  

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