Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Robots Make Small Work of Engine Blocks

“Intelligent” Robotic Handling, … Degating, and Deflashing, too

The F-200iB parallel-link robot is engineered for applications requiring extreme rigidity and exceptional repeatablity.

Among the notable attractions at Cast Expo in St. Louis in April was a demonstration of “intelligent” material handling, degating, and deflashing of castings by FANUC Robotics America Inc. The exhibit featured the company’s new M-900iA/350 robot transferring automotive engine blocks from an overhead conveyor into finishing operations.

The robot then transferred the part to two F-200iB pedestal robots that simulated final deflashing.

“The impressive 600-kg payload of the M-900iA/600 creates opportunities in application areas where robots have never been applied,” claimed Jhaveri. “The M-900iA/600 will help reduce manual labor costs and diminish the need for expensive fixed and custom automation equipment like gantries, hydraulics, chains and saddle devices.”

“The bottom line is enhanced productivity with significant cost savings,” Jhaveri added.

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