Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Robot Pet for Dogs

Robotic best friend for dogs


STEP aside K9 - dogs left home alone will soon have their own robotic friend to see them through the long, lonely hours of the working day.

Gayle Walker, an Aberdeenshire degree student, realised that extended working hours for owners meant dogs were left on their own for a large part of the day - often wreaking havoc out to boredom.

She watched her friend's spaniel tear up cushions and curtains, and came up with the idea of the Big Buddy, a "friend" for lonely mutts.

A silver tower gives the pet company with the timed release treats inside.

Ms Walker, 21, said: "Dogs have needs just like humans - they need a sense of purpose, otherwise they may become depressed. I designed Big Buddy to ease their stress and anxieties."

Big Buddy is on display at Creative Energies, Gray's School of Art's Degree Show.

Scotsman.com News - Sci-Tech - Robotic best friend for dogs


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