Tuesday, February 13, 2007

VEXplorer Robot Kit

Model kit maker Revell Monogram and VEX robot supplier Innovation First announced more details of their new consumer robot kit today.

The VEXplorer robot kit is an direct descendent of the VEX robot kit that is the basis for student robot design competitions. It designed and marketed to "bring robotics creation outside the classroom taking the consumer robotics category to new heights."

VEXplorer includes all the parts, motors and wheels to make a remote controlled rolling robot with a webcam and a claw arm strong enough to pick up a can of soda. The kit, of course, can be used to build any kind of robot imaginable.

VEXplorer is the product of a partnership between the two companies that was announced last year. Revell will handle the marketing while Innovation First will provide the engineering and technical design.

The VEXplorer kit is expected to be in stores by September 2007 and will sell for US $250.

Revell:www.revell.com-The leader in replica plastic kits since 1945.

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