Friday, October 27, 2006

Robot Insect Toy NSECT

I like this new robot toy from Tyco. It is an R/C robot insect that includes a hidden 6-shot dart gun It is called NSECT for New Science of Experimental Combat Technology. There is a whole story line that goes along with that.
At $100 they are not exactly giving it away but it sure looks fun - and hackable.

Limited Time Offer
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These will go fast!

The big selling feature of it is supposed to be the speed that it can scamper across the floor. That's probably well needed so whomever gets shot with the darts doesn't stomp the thing and end all the fun real quick.

Buy it here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Picked one up from Walmart, marked from $100 down to $15! What a deal! Sad too though - it was probably only that cheap because it didn't sell, and if it didn't sell, they won't be making very more.

10:15 PM, February 15, 2007  

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