Friday, March 24, 2006

Korea's Home Robots

Engadget got a picture of the final version of one of the home robots for Korean families.
Korean Ministry of Information and Communication launched a project to get a robot into every household by 2020.

The robots are designed to help with household tasks like home monitoring and cleaning.
They will also help to watch and teach the kids.

The robots are not so smart themselves, but they stay connected and do their thinking on the internet.

The picture looks like the Hanool Hanuri-RD1 research robot. Hanool along with Yujin Robotics are working with the Korean ministry to develop the home robots.
There are three robot species planned: an intellectual robot to watch and teach the kids, a cleaning robot maid and a telecommunications secretary robot.

The fact that the robots will always be connected to a government ministry does not seem to bother anyone.

Korea's domestic robot gets a smiley face - Engadget

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