Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Robots Improve Cleaning Crew

Portland, Ore. - Crothall Services Group, one of the nation's leading facility and support services contractors, has embarked on a significant long-term program with Intellibot Robotics LLC to install robotic floor cleaning equipment at key facilities across the country.

According to Rob Bradford, Crothall regional vice president for the southeast, the multiple advantages of using robotic cleaners give Crothall a competitive edge in securing new business and extending contracts.

Bradford added, "We are confident that robotics is the direction our industry is headed in order to better manage labor costs and related issues."

Accroding to Intellibot:
Labor typically accounts for 80 to 90 percent of the cost of commercial floor care. Intellibot can reduce those labor costs by up to 85 percent without compromising quality. In fact, your floors will be cleaned to your desired standard more consistently with Intellibot’s robotic scrubbers and vacuums. Intellibot units are ready to work efficiently every day and are not subject to absenteeism, boredom or distraction.

The 600 pound scrubber is pre-programmed with a navigation map but also includes redundant sonar and infrared sensors to avoid obstacles.

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