Sunday, October 23, 2005


Another breakthrough development from the folks at CMU's Robotics Institute...

By Vic Rodrick

BOFFINS have invented a robotic bagpiper which they say can play faster than any human. But the robo piper, named "McBlare" is so noisy that audiences need earplugs to cope with the din it makes.
[...exactly like a real bagpiper!]
McBlare has no head and the pipes are fixed to a wooden board which forms its body.

Metal fingers are driven at high speed by electromagnets and the "blaw" comes from mechanical lungs driven by an air pump.

The piper also contains a computer which is programmed with real pipe tunes.

Roger Dannenberg, the professor leading the bizarre project, said: "Compared to a real Scottish piper, McBlare is certainly faster and more accurate."

The Daily Record - NEWS - ROBO PIPER


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