Monday, September 12, 2005

NSF Hosts US Robots

This is an excerpt from the National Science Foundation website...

Robots: An Exhibition of U.S. Automatons from the Leading Edge of Research

On Sept. 16, the National Science Foundation (NSF) will host more than a dozen robots and their creators to showcase advanced robotics technology from across the nation.

The robots are here to highlight U.S.-funded robotics research and the findings of a new study, the World Technology Evaluation Center International Study of Robotics. The report culminates a nearly 2-year effort to evaluate robotics research and development in the United States, Japan, Korea and Western Europe.

The findings for the United States are not all positive. U.S. researchers have developed advanced robotics, but national strategies and coordinated funding efforts in other countries pose a serious challenge to U.S. competitiveness. While our nation leads in such areas as robot-assisted surgery and mobile, space robots, foreign laboratories are developing the state-of-the-art service and industrial robots — in some cases overtaking the United States in fields we once dominated.

Similar trends exist across the six different categories of the report: Robotic Vehicles; Space Robotics; Industrial, Service and Personal Robots; Humanoid Robots; Robotics in Biology and Medicine; and Networked Robots.

US NSF - News - Robots: An Exhibition of U.S. Automatons from the Leading Edge of Research


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