Monday, August 22, 2005

Reviewer Predicts Roboraptor Extinction

Extinction a likely fate for Roboraptor
By Mike Langberg
Mercury News

Roboraptor, a robotic dinosaur selling for $119, is one of those high-tech toys that creates a great first impression and then fades fast.

...amazing isn't the same thing as fun, and Roboraptor's limited range of behaviors will probably doom him to back-of-the-closet extinction after children repeatedly hear several hours of his pre-recorded roar.

He didn't always properly respond to my remote-control commands, and on occasion he would bang his head repeatedly on a wall because his sensors apparently didn't tell him to turn away. Roboraptor, in other words, isn't the sharpest tool in the tar pit.

Roboraptor comes from Hong Kong toy maker WowWee Robotics, best known for last year's hit Robosapien humanoid robot. | 08/22/2005 | Extinction a likely fate for Roboraptor

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