Tuesday, May 17, 2005

ICU Rx Robot Avatar Success

It looks like the introduction of the Robot avatar, Roni, into the intensive care unit of the UCLA hospital back in March is going well.
The unit is an RP-6 from inTouch Health.

CBS 5: Robot Doctors in the ICU

May 16, 2005 5:03 pm US/Pacific
A robot doctor has become a valuable member of the neurosurgery intensive care unit at UCLA.

Roni is a five-foot, six-inch tall robot who makes bedside visits with a twist. The patient sees, hears, and interacts with their doctor through this life-size robot, and that means the doctor can see first hand how the patient is doing.
But there's an alarming shortage of ICU doctors across the country. Fewer than 6000 specialists practice in America today, and more than 5 million patients are admitted to ICUs every year.
The robot is equipped with a monitor and a video camera, so the specialists can see and interact with the patient in real time from a remote location.
"Talking to the doctor in terms of the robot -- it almost seemed like he was right there," said Timothy Copeland.


That may be the most important part of robo-doc. It lets you connect with your doctors when you need them the most.

CBS 5: Robot Doctors in the ICU

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