Monday, April 18, 2005

Bullfighting Robots

Madrid's Polytechnic University has designed and built miniature robot bullfighters, programmed to tackle robot bulls, just like in corridas.

The robots are to be entered into a cyber-technology competition in the Spanish capital. [Last week]

The contest is a robotic version of a corrida. The bullfighter-robot wears a red balloon. The mechanical matador must dodge the "bull", which is armed with head-mounted cameras capable of detecting the red colour, and which attempts to pierce the balloon with its horns. The longer the bullfighter-robot resists in the arena with the balloon intact, the more points it wins.

The bullfighter-robot can also have a red cape for fooling the Robotaurus. For each banderilla correctly placed into the back of the bull-robot, the bullfighter-robot scores 15 points more.

At the end of the fight, the public can request the ears and the tail of the bull-robot. A panel decides if the behavior of the bullfighter deserves these trophies: the first ear counts 5 points, the second ear 10 points and the tail 20 points.

we make money not art: The Robotaurus


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